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Pedagogy of Prestige!

  • The ballet school provides training and tuition to both professional and non-professional classical dance students.
  • The groups’ division depends on the age and the level of technique of the students. There are no age limitations for the adult beginners.
  • Pointe work lessons, private and individual lessons are also being offered.


The school has been established in 1995 as a classical ballet school with the Culture & Arts Center "Sredetz" with the Sofia Municipality.

Since the beginning of the academic 2000 – 2001 the school has become independent private ballet school "Masha Ilieva", with capacity of 70 students.

From the very beginning, the school has been attaining its high reputation for the extremely professional education it provides.

The first pedagogues of the school are: Maria Ilieva, Prima Ballerina of the National Ballet and Lyubov Fominih, Prima Ballerina of the Permian and Odessa ballet – Russia, and of the National Ballet – Sofia, at a later stage.

Many young students of the school successfully continue their professional education in the National School of Dance Art.

The concerts of the school has not remained unnoticed by the media. Among the performances which have brought highest attention by the public are: "The Nutcracker" – January 1999, "The Puppet Fairy" -  June 2000, "The First Christmas" – December 2003, "A Dance Lesson" – March 2004 and "Little Ida’s Flowers" – June , 2004.

What does our ballet training offer to our students?

1. Total body conditioning, correct development and proper usage of all the body muscules.
2. Development of the personal talents.
3. Education in artistic beauty, ear for music, and refinement of the social behaviour. 
4. Tuition provided by famous ballet pedagogues.

The Training Process

  • The academic year starts on 1st of October, and ends on 1st of June.
  • New students are invited and admitted throughout the whole academic year until the optimal number of students is reached in each of the relevant groups, and no later than 1st of March.
  • The school enrols all applicants above the age of 3; there are no other age limitations.
  • The academic hour lasts 60 minutes.
The training process runs according to a schedule, in conformity with the age and level of the students. It comprises:
  • General body conditioning exercises and development of the physical potential of the students;
  • Classical dance workout;
  • Pointe work exercises;
  • Dance study.

The Pedagogues

At present 7 highly qualified pedagogues work in the school, who had been assigned by means of a special selection, in conformity with the levels of the students.

Maria (Masha) Ilieva, also the Artistic Manager of the school - Prima Ballerina of the National Opera, a lecturer in the Academy of Music "P.Vladigerov", a Director of the National Ballet in Sofia for the period 2001 – 2003, nominated as "The Best Pedagogue" for 2000. Masha also has made a brilliant job as the person, who founded the "Young Ballet of Bulgaria" group.

Rositza Mincheva - Soloist of the National Ballet, a master with the National School of Dance (NUTI), graduated ballet mastering in Moscow, Russia.

Maria Gezentchova - Soloist of the National Ballet, a ballet pedagogue and master with the National School of Dance (NUTI).

Nadya Zdravkova - Soloist of Arabesque Modern Dance Theater, a ballet pedagogue and master with the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts (NATFA).

Katya Bogdanova - Soloist of the National Music Theater, a graduate in ballet mastering of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory.

Juliana Shishkova - Dancer of the National Ballet. She has extensive experience as a ballet master in Singapore.


  • The monthly fees are due within the last 10 days of the previous month.
  • The fee for an individual lesson is due prior the beginning of the lesson.
  • The fee for a private lesson is due prior the beginning of the lesson.


The school offers training in groups , 2 or 3 times per week, as well as private and individual lessons.

The age, the physical capacities and/or the level of knowledge and technique of the newly enlisted students is taken into consideration when defining the distribution in groups.

Beginners - from the age of 3 to the age of 5.
1-st level - from the age of 4 to the age of 6 .
2nd  -level - from the age of 5 to the age of 7.
3rd - level - from the age of 6 to the age of 9.
A medium advanced level - from the age of 7 to the age of 10
An advanced level - starting from the age of 10, and without age limitations

The training includes participations in 2 stage performances of the school, as well as participations in concert programs and TV broadcasts.

Every year, in September, an intensive course in classical ballet is being carried out, led by and with the participation of famous ballet artists and pedagogues, both from Bulgaria and from abroad.